Roadblock Ads (also known as companion ads) give advertisers 100% of voice by allowing them to place two or more ads (not necessarily utilizing all ad slots) on a page. This article is designed for ad operations and site engineering team members at websites using ZEDO’s ad server, looking to implement Roadblock ads.

What are Roadblock Ads?

A Roadblock setup is when 2-5 creative are scheduled to appear simultaneously on a webpage.

Steps to set up Roadblock Ads

  1. Click on the Create Ad tab
  2. Select the Roadblock sub tab to load an ad template
  3. Enter Ad Details for the first creative
  4. Click on + sign to add additional creative

Your Targeting selections (Geo, profile, language, browser etc.) and Ad Status will be applied to all the creative. The ads will appear in your Campaign page.

Implementing Ad Tags on Site

ZEDO’s IFrame and JavaScript tags both support Roadblock Ads. However, we strongly recommend users to use our new Master JS tag. It is single tag which is designed to deliver  ads in multiple ad slots on the page. Our Master JS tag works seamlessly for Roadblock Ads.

While creating Roadblock ads, the Master JS Tag allows you to generate and add a single JS ad tag to multiple ad calls. You can create up to five Channels and Ad Dimensions. The Master JS Tag feature is available under the Ad Tag Generator tab. To know more click on Master Tags.


  • All tags that are suppose to deliver Roadblock ad must be placed on the page
  • No support for ads running in a flash site or application (“Ads in Flash”)
  • Supports keyword targeting (the keyword has to be same in all the tags)
  • Ad prioritization using Automatic Optimization will not work on roadblock ads (the paired ads must be served together, therefore, automatic optimization cannot be turned on)

Contact Support with questions or comments.

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