This document explains how you can run VAST video ads and Banner ads on a single channel dimension using normal JS and iFrame tag.

Let’s assume that you already have a normal Banner ad (dimension: 300×250) running on a website using a JS tag, and now you want to run a VAST ad in the same ad slot.

Steps to run Video and normal Banner ad in the same ad slot

  1. Go to the main Channels tab and click on the View Channels sub tab.
  2. Click on the Channel (e.g. Channel A) from the list you want to edit and run your VAST ad.
  3. You can also create a new channel and run an existing VAST ad and Banner ad on it provided they have the same dimensions.
  4. In the Edit Channel section, check the relevant Channel Details like Link to Publisher, Name and Channel Set
  5. Select the VAST & Normal Ads checkbox since you want to upload a VAST ad on a normal channel.
    (Note: VAST & Normal Ads type of channels can be created under a normal type of channel only)
  6. Click on the Submit
  7. Now go to the Campaigns tab and click on the Create Ad sub tab.
  8. In the Ad Details section click on VAST Compatible.
  9. Give an Ad Name and select the Ad Dimension (300×250) from the dropdown list.
  10. Upload the video ad and scroll down to the Targeting
  11. To target your VAST ad to Channel A, select Channel A from the dropdown list and click on Add.
  12. Click on the Submit button.
  13. The Normal Banner Ad and the VAST Ad will rotate in the same ad slot (i.e. 300×250).


To serve In-Banner ad using VAST+Normal Channel, you can make use of any Ad Dimensions. Please add following variable zflag_autoPlayViewPercent=” 0 ” for JS while apv=0 for Iframe in ZEDO ad tag for VAST + Normal channel to autoplay inbanner ad. Only while creating an InBanner Ad using Custom Rich Media Ads option please make sure to use Ad Dimension Id: 80.

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