Reports of Scheduled template can be received via email or FTP to yourself or others. For the latter a quick setup is required, for which you can contact the Support Team. The different parameters for scheduled reports can be seen on the Scheduled Report Parameters page.

You can schedule the report generation process on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The Schedule Report delivery time differs for Performance Scheduled Report and Adhoc Scheduled Report.

About Reports

You can either generate or schedule a report by template through Report Builder. Report Templates once created may be viewed in the My Reports section.
In the Action column, select on any of the three action icons: Generate Report by Template, Delete Template or Schedule Report by Template.

Reports scheduled from Adhoc are delivered immediately after it is scheduled by the user. (For example: If a user schedules the report at 11:00 AM IST then the report will be delivered around 11:00 AM IST).

Steps to Schedule a Report with different Parameters

Reports >> Report Builder >> My Reports

To schedule a report for automatic delivery to your email, select the calendar icon in the Actions column.

  1. Choose the desired parameters from the Schedule Report section.
  2. The Template Name used to schedule the report appears by default.
  3. Select the Report Format in which you want to view the schedule report (HTML, XML, CSV, MS Excel, PDF).
  4. You can Generate Report Every: Day / Week / Month.
  5. Select the desired time period for schedule report generation:
    • Previous XX days from YY days ago:
      (Example: If report is being scheduled on Jan 15 with the option set as: Previous 4 days from 1 days ago; then the first report will run processing data from Jan 11 to 14)
    • For the Previous: (Week / Month)
      (If you select Week, the schedule report will display data of the previous week.
      If you select Month, the schedule report will display data of the previous month).
    • Cumulative from
      (This option will provide report for the cumulative data of all the dates from the specified date till yesterday).
    • Month to Date
      (If you select Month to Date, it will display data for the existing month till date)
  6. The Schedule from XX to YY is to indicate the time line for which this report is to be scheduled to run.
    (Example: If on Jan 15 we schedule a template to generate every “Day”, for “Month to Date” and schedule from: Jan 20 to Feb 20, then the report will start to fire on Jan 20 and continue firing every day till Feb 20).
  7. You will receive Reports by Email or FTP, based on the option that has been configured while scheduling the template.
  8. Mention you Email ID, Subject and text in the Body section. (multiple email-id’s can be separated by comma [,])
  9. Once you specify all the desired parameters, click on the Schedule button.
  10. You will automatically receive the scheduled report via email.
  11. To see the status of your schedule report, go to the Schedule task list and click on the Schedule Report Parameters icon in the Action column.
  12. Based on the selected date range, you will see the date range for which the schedule report will run.
  13. You will be able to see the date and time of the latest run of the template and the next run as per schedule.
    (Note: In the Scheduled task list, you can see the Schedule Reports parameters but cannot change them. However, the email configuration can be modified after a template has been scheduled).


Contact Support with Queries and Questions

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