When a user sees an ad, ZEDO sets a cookie which is updated every time the user sees the ad. Once a frequency cap is met, the system will no longer show the ad to that particular user till the cap expires (usually the next day).

Note: If cookies are not supported, ZEDO will serve frequency cap enabled ads randomly. We have a Randomization property which can be used to control the probability of serving frequency enabled ads on browsers where cookies are blocked. Lower the value of this property, higher is the probability of serving . The default value of this property is 30 which can be changed.

Different ways to apply a frequency cap

  • Global
    • The cap applies to the ad itself, regardless of what channel(s) it is served on.
  • Per Channel
    • You can apply a different cap for the ad on each targeted channel. (The total limit on the ad will be the sum of the individual channel caps.)
  • Per Publisher
    • The cap applies across all channels that are linked to a particular publisher.
To set a cap, select the [Number of impressions] allocated every [Instance(s) of] [Time Period].
For example: 
  • 20 impressions allocated every 1 Day
  • 2 impressions allocated every 12 Hour(s)
[Number of impressions] can be from 1-99
[Instance(s) of] can be from 1-30 for Days and 1-23 for Hours
[Time Period] can be Days or Hours
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