The Site Report feature enables you to see which domains have been serving impressions for all or a specific campaign of yours. Other available filters will also work with this report type.

Steps to generate Site Performance Report

Reports >> Performance >> Quick Performance Report >> Site Reports

  1. Go to the main Reports tab and click on the Performance sub tab.
  2. In the Quick section, select the Report Type from the dropdown list as Site Report.
  3. Enter the Advertiser details, Date Range, Placement, Targeting and Site Summary Report info.
  4. Select the desired Performance Metrics options (All Metrics, Imps, Clicks, CTR, Conv Rate, PostClick Actions, PostImp Actions and Actions completed in XX days) and click on Submit.
    Note: Impressions that cannot be attributed to a site domain are attributed as “Unknown”.

Access Control for Site options

An ad trafficker can enable Site Report for other custom roles from Create/Edit Role page that is under Performance Report section.

Additional Info

Site Reports will show data by correct domain only if JavaScript tags are used.

Note: If IFrame tags are used all the data will be shown against “UNKNOWN”.

3rd Party Ad Server

  • If ZEDO tags are trafficked to 3rd Party Ad Server, then ZEDO will be able to show the Site Reports only if JS tags of the 3rd Party Ad Server are there on the pages.
  • There could be some cases where ZEDO might not be able to get access or know the Site Domain. In such cases the data will be shown against “UNKNOWN”.
  • The total of Site Reports and that of Performance/Profit reports for the same report type and filter will match one another.

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