The Site or Domain Report feature enables you to see which domains have been serving impressions for all or a specific Campaign of yours. Site Reports can be pulled using the Report Builder Tool.

Steps to generate Site Report in Report Builder.

Reports >> Report Builder

  1. Go to the main Reports tab and click on the Report Builder sub tab.
  2. The Report Builder page appears on the screen with the Reports and Scheduled Reports
    (Note: The Reports option is selected by default)
  3. Click on the Create Report button on the right and select a report template – Linear or Nested.
  4. From the Available fields, click on the expand icon next to “Site” which will open different parameters like Total Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Conversions, Post Click Actions, Post Impression Actions etc. Drag and drop them in the Table structure.
  5. You can use the Report constraints column to further filter the report data.
  6. Once you have placed a parameter in the Report Constraints field, you can:
    • Specify the actual value that you want the report to include or exclude.
    • Set the Constraint as a Run Time Parameter (Value needs to be defined each time you run the report)
    For Example: If you want to see the report of a specific Ad, then click on Creative in Available Fields and drag Ad Name to Report Constraint table. Select the Creative Name from the dropdown list and click on Run Time Parameter.
  7. Finally, click on the Save button.
  8. You can also run a report without saving the template, just click on the RUN button next to Save
    (Note: Do not navigate away from the screen once you click on the RUN button).

Additional Info

  • Site Reports will show data by correct domain only if JavaScript tags are used.
    Note: If IFrame tags are used then all the data will be shown against UNKNOWN.
  • Impressions that cannot be attributed to a site domain are attributed as UNKNOWN.
  • If ZEDO tags are trafficked to 3rd Party Ad Server, then ZEDO will be able to show the Site Reports only if JavaScript tags of the 3rd Party Ad Server are present on the pages.
  • There could be some cases where ZEDO might not be able to get access or know the Site Domain. In such cases, the data will be shown against UNKNOWN.
  • You can pull the data for the past 3 months excluding the current month in Site Report.
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