Slider Ads allow you to earn additional revenue by creating new inventory without affecting the existing inventory or page layout.

Features and Benefits of Sliders

  • Can appear on the right or left side of the screen
  • Can be any dimension
  • Creative can be a static image, JavaScript, or flash
  • Don’t get blocked by pop up blockers

Slider Ads maintain their position relative to the screen even if the user scrolls up or down, and also have the option to be closed.  You can also pass tracking variables in the clickthrough links, to allow both advertisers and publishers to track clicks.


  • In order to run Slider Ads, you need to have the Slider Ad template feature turned on.
  • The Flash Files need to be created as per the ZEDO guidelines provided.

Steps to create Slider ads

  1. Go to the Create Ad tab and click on the Sliders tab in the Ad Details section.
  2. Select the ad of your choice from the Slider Ad Types drop down list.
  3. You don’t need to specify the Ad Dimension for Slider ads as it is 1×1 for all.
  4. In the Ad Setup section, you can choose the area from where you want the ad to slide.
  5. The Slide from: drop down list allows you to select the slider direction – Bottom Right, Bottom Left and Top Right.
  6. You can enter the desired Width x Height of the Slider ad.

Generating the Ad Tag

  1. Go to the Ad Tag Generator page and select the Channel to which you have targeted your ads.
  2. Select the Publisher and Ad Dimensions as per your requirements.
  3. The text box below contains the Ad tag you must send to the publisher.
    Note: Never email tags to publishers as part of your email, they could get corrupted in transmission. Always email tags as text file (.txt) attachments.

Slider Ad Tags

  • Ad tags for Sliders must be JavaScript
  • You can serve ad tags through IFrame but you need to have the IFrame Buster option on.
  • The Ad Tag can be placed anywhere in the body of the page code.
    Note: Do not place the tag inside a tag. (The class value of the tag can cause the ad not to serve on top of the page, resulting in undesirable overlaps.)
  • If the page contains Flash elements, the Z-Index value of the Flash file(s) must be lower than that of the Slider ad.

Contact Support with Comments and Suggestions.

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