Targeting is the process in which ads are targeted to a specific audience, inventory unit, device, geographical region or custom criteria. Targeting can be done manually for every online ad that is created. You can expedite the targeting process with the help of Target TemplatesYou can target ads to the following categories:

Channel (Inventory)

In ZEDO Channel represents inventory. For publishers channels can be their website structure and for networks it represents sites on which their ads are served. The Channel structure can be customized based on your requirement. Defining a clear channel structure enables you get necessary reports after an ad/campaign is served.

Run of Network (RON)

Run of Network (RON) is the parent of all channels created in the ZEDO system. It is the last channel that the system will look up during Channel Promotion before serving default/system ads.

Dormant Channels

During channel targeting you can also target a creative to Dormant Channels but the ad will not serve on these channels unless the channels are manually reactivated or automatically activated after it crosses the set threshold.


The Geo-targeting feature allows you to target ads to a specific geographical region – country, state and city. For frequently targeted/used geographic locations, you can create customised geo-sets and target your creative directly to these sets. Click on Geo-Targeting to know more about it. 


Device targeting allows you to target your creative to various device categories (tablet, desktop, smartphones etc.), manufacturers, models or versions. ZEDO’s comprehensive list of devices allows you to meet the advertisers’ specific need to serve their ads on competitors’ products. Click Device Targeting to learn more about it.


The Keyword targeting feature allows you to target ads to a specific search terms or site content. You can set up basic and advanced keyword targeting. Click on Keyword Targeting to learn more.


Custom key value give you the freedom of defining your own targeting criteria like age, gender etc which is specific to your requirement. The ‘key-value’ is something you collect on your site from users during registration or it can be the user’s behavioural data you collect on your site.  By applying logical operators you can target to multiple key-values pairs. Click on Key-values Targeting to learn more about it.


Sometimes your rich creative code might not be compatible with older browser version or on mobile browsers. In such cases you would like to target your rich media ads only to supported browsers. You can meet this requirement by using our Browser Targeting feature. You can select the required browser type or version from the extensive list for desktop as well as mobile. By targeting your ads to specific browsers, it will instruct the system to serve your ads only to users of the targeted browsers. Click on Browser Targeting to learn more.

Browser Language

This targeting feature is commonly used for Advertisers with regional ads. For better delivery and ad acceptance, advertisers like to serve their regional ads only to user’s browser with language selected as ad. For such cases you can use ZEDO’s Browser Language targeting and serve your ads only to the specific browser language of the users. 

Operating System (OS)

Advertisers with campaigns for products which are built or meant for specific OS have a requirement to serve it to the relevant users. For such requirements you can use our OS targeting feature that allows you to select OS from a very comprehensive list of widely used OS. 

Day/Time and Date

You can select data/time/hour to decide when your creative should serve using this targeting option. The targeting will be done based on your system time zone. 


This is a cookie-based demographic targeting option. Depending on the users’ profile like age, gender, ZIP, you can cookie the users using the pixels provided by ZEDO. You can then target these users based on the demographic data stored in their cookies. Click on Demographic Tracking and Targeting to learn more about it. 


This is a cookie-based activity/behavioural targeting option. This allows publisher or networks to offer specific inventory to their advertisers based on the users’ behavioural data collected by them.

For using this feature or targeting option you would need to create your cookie pool using the activity cookie setter tag provided by ZEDO.  This can also be used for retargeting users. Click on Activity/Behavioural targeting to learn more about it.

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