This document explains how Tearsheets allow you to easily show your Advertiser their ad live on your website.

How it works

  1. Set a Tearsheet Cookie for the ad you wish to see.
  2. Visit the page where the ad is live.
  3. Take a screenshot to send to your Advertiser.
    Note: You can also send the link to the Advertiser so that they can set the cookie and view the page.

Enabling a Tearsheet View

In the Ads section of the Campaign details page, hover over an ad ID for a list of quick links.

Click on Tearsheet to submit the request to the system.

Once the request is submitted the Tearsheet will be available within 8 minutes.

(You can set the cookie and wait 8 minutes to view the page or wait 8 minutes, then set the cookie and view the page immediately.)

After you click the Tearsheet you will see a confirmation message with two links:

  • A link to set the tearsheet cookie
  • A link to disable the tearsheet cookie

Note: The message may say that the Tearsheet will be available in 30 minutes. This is incorrect and will be updated soon.

View the Tearsheet

If you want to get a tearsheet to send to the Advertiser

  • Click the first link
  • Set the cookie
  • Take a  screenshot

If you want the Advertiser to view the ad directly, send them the link.

  • Advertiser visits the Set Cookie page and clicks the button
  • Advertiser visits the page on which the ad is live
  • Advertiser sees the ad

Disable the Tearsheet

To disable the tearsheet for this ad

  • Follow the link to the Clear Cookie page
  • Click the Clear Cookie button


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