ZEDO allows you to create Impression and Click tracker tags, using the trafficking UI (Create Ad). These tags allow you to count page views and/or clicks on links.

They also help you to:

  • Know which pages on your site are getting the most traffic
  • Figure out whether the messages from bulk email campaigns are being read
  • Gauge traffic on web sites for which traffic statistics are unknown

Setting up Trackers

  1. Create a Tracker Ad
  2. Generate the Tracking Tag (the code which you will place on the page)
  3. Place the tag on your page

Note: Before you create a Tracker Ad, make sure that you’ve already created the Publisher(s)/ Channel(s) on which you will place the tracking tags.

Step 1: Create a Tracker Ad

Campaigns tab >> Select Advertiser and Campaign >> Create Ad button

  • In the trafficking form (Create Ad), select the Tracker tab
  • Ad Dimension should be Pixel Pop 1×1 (this should be auto-filled)
  • Enter the Ad Name
  • Check the End Date/Time box and enter the tracker end date.
  • Target the desired channels


  1. You cannot allocate impressions or assign priority to this ad as this ad is only used for tracking the clicks and impressions.
  2. If you have not entered the tracker end date, it will always track impression or click till the tag is removed from the publisher page.
  3. Campaign flight date does not apply to tracker ad.
  4. In case you have entered the end date, the tracker tag won’t count impressions or clicks after its end date (Tracker End Date/Time) even though the tags may be placed on the website.
  5. You need to regenerate the tracking tag if you make any changes in the tracker ad End Date/Time.

Step 2: Create the Tracking Tag

You can access the Tracking Tag generator in two ways:

  • Tracking Tag Generator button after creating a Tracker Ad
  • Channels tab >> Tracking Tag Generator link

1. You can create both an Impression Tracker and a Click Tracker using the same Tracker Ad.
2. You need to regenerate the tracking tag if you add or make changes in the tracker ad End Date/Time.

For either Impression or Click tracker tags: 
Select the appropriate Publisher, Ad Dimension, Advertiser, Campaign, Ad Name and Channel. (These selections should correspond to the Tracker Ad)
For the Impression Tracker tag 
The system will automatically generate both a JavaScript tag and an image pixel URL.
Note: If you are sending the code through email, remember to paste it into a text document, to avoid inadvertent formatting changes.
For the Click Tracker tag
  • Enter the clickthrough URL in the text box (it will be automatically appended after the k parameter in the code below.)
  • The tag will be automatically generated. (If you are sending the code through email, remember to paste it into a text only document, to avoid inadvertent formatting changes.)

Step 3: Integrate the tracking code into the source code of the page on which you wish to track impression or provide the code to your client.

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