This document explains how you can traffic VAST video ads into multiple bitrate without using any external tool for transcoding.

Steps to transcode video to multiple bitrate

  1. From the Ad File Type drop down select the Video option.
  2. Select the ‘Transcode my Video’ or ‘No. I will specify different files and their format’ option.
    The Transcode my Video option will automatically transcode the video into different formats.
  3. The accepted file formats via Browse are: AVI, MOV, MP4 and FLV.
  4. The rotating GIF shows the upload progress of the video file.
    (Note: You cannot add another media file while a video is being uploaded.)
  5. When a video is uploaded successfully the system displays the bitrate and resolution for the original file.
  6. The moment this happens, the transcoding process begins.
  7. You can submit an ad or change the ad status to APP only if there is at least one transcoded media file.
  8. The system will display an error message if a problem occurs during transcoding.
  9. The system displays the Format, Bitrate, Width, Height, Video and Duration of the transcoded video file.
  10. The details are stored and returned in VAST response.
  11. The Campaign details page shows an indication icon next to VAST ads whose videos are being transcoded.
  12. If the VAST ad status is changed to APP, the system informs you if the video file is being transcoded.
  13. The transcoded mediafiles are hosted in ZEDO and their delivery type is “Progressive”.
  14. MP4 works on most browsers and devices with flash player.
  15. WebM is used by HTML5 player in some or all browsers.
    (Note: Choose files with only 1024kbps, 640×480 and 128kps audio for high quality)

The ‘No Transcoding’ option

  • If you select the: ‘No. I will specify different files and their format’ option, you will have to Browse / Drag and Drop the files from the location manually.
  • The files will get uploaded as is without any optimization. (Note: This could affect the performance of the ad as the files are not optimized to serve as per the changing bandwidth scenarios.)


Profile Type Video Codec Container Video Bitrate Width Height Ratio fps Audio Codec Audio Bitrate
MP4 720p HD HD H.264 mp4 2000 Auto 720 Auto 30 AAC 128
MP4 480p – Hi High H.264 mp4 1200 Auto 480 Auto 30 AAC 128
MP4 480p – Me Medium H.264 mp4 800 Auto 480 Auto 30 AAC 64
MP4 360p – Lo Low H.264 mp4 400 Auto 360 Auto 25 AAC 64
WebM 720p HD HD VP8 WebM 2000 Auto 720 Auto 30 Vorbis 128
WebM 480P – Hi High VP8 WebM 1200 Auto 480 Auto 30 Vorbis 128
WebM 480p – Me Medium VP8 WebM 800 Auto 480 Auto 30 Vorbis 96
WebM 360p – Lo Low VP8 WebM 400 Auto 360 Auto 25 Vorbis 96


Contact Support with any further queries.

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