Common reasons you might not see an ad you’re expecting to see are:

Incomplete or problem setup 

  • The ad is not Approved
  • The ad has not gone live yet
  • Campaign flight dates in the past or future
  • Missing or incorrect tag on publisher page
  • Zero impressions allocated to the ad
  • Channel targeting
    • The ad is not targeted to that channel
    • The targeted channel(s) is inactive
    • Targeted to so many channels so that it will meet its goal on other channels.

Other ads are getting the impressions

  • Competing categories: This ad competes with other ads from competing campaigns.
  • Higher priority ads are serving instead
    • Exclusive/ Sponsorship
    • Higher level ads
    • Greater relative weight within a level (1:2 is fine, 1:1000 might cause this to happen)

The ad has achieved its goals  

  • Total impression limit
  • Daily impression limit
  • Frequency caps

Viewing computer doesn’t meet targeting criteria 

  • The ad is geo-targeted to a specific region
  • Bandwidth, keyword, profile, time of day, demographic, browser capability (flash/ language/ version)
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