The new URL Pattern Targeting feature allows you to reach a specific audience by allowing ads / blocking ads / serving ads on specific sites or on a particular section of a site. For example: Target an Ad to users visiting only the “sports” section of BBC that is

Advantages of URL Pattern Targeting

  • Advertisers can reach a specific audience, without publishers using multiple tags to identify content categories on their sites.
  • Helps block unauthorized domains by Advertisers.
  • Use to serve ads on the specific whitelisted domain only.

Steps for URL Pattern Targeting

Campaigns >> Targeting >> Custom Targeting

  1. Go to the main Campaigns tab and click on Targeting sub-tab.
  2. Select Custom Targeting from the Targeting drop-down list.
  3. The Custom Targeting section will display different Keys and Values.
  4. Click on the zpageurl key, it takes you to the Edit Targeting Key page.
  5. Enter the Value in the box and click on the Add button.

    • Following characters are not allowed: <>~|`”^[],&{}%(Space)
    • No. of values allowed is 200 (Contact Support or Account Manager to increase the limit)
    • Value: Max character length is 40 char
  6. Click on the Submit button.

    Campaigns >> Create Ad >> Targeting >> Custom Targeting

  7. Now, go to main Campaigns tab and click on Create Ad.
  8. Furnish details in the Advertiser, Campaign and Ad Details section.
  9. In the main Campaigns tab, click on the Create Ad sub-tab.
  10. Go to the Ad Details section and select the desired ad format.
  11. Give an Ad Name and select the correct Ad Dimension.
  12. Enter all the relevant information in the Primary Ad section.
  13. Scroll down to the Targeting section and click on the Custom sub-tab.
  14. In the Custom Targeting section, select [URL]zpageurl from Key drop-down list.
  15. Select operator from the Select drop-down list (contains, starts with, ends with, does not begin with, does not end with, does not contain)
    (Note: Avoid using equal to/not equal to operators as it may look for matching strings and is error-prone.)
  16. Select the desired Value from the drop-down list.
    (Note: You can select only 20 values per key. Contact Support or Account Manager to increase the limit.)
  17. You can select the zpageurl key multiple times to add more values.Example 1
    You want to target an Ad to run on,,,, and
    1. Use Custom Targeting
    2. Select key “zpageurl”
    3. Select operator “contains”
    4. Enter,,,,, as the values

    Example 2
    You want to block your ads on some sites/domains like,
    1. Use Custom Targeting
    2. Select key “zpageurl”
    3. Select operator “does not contain”
    4. Enter, as the values
  18. Finally, click on the Submit button.


If you have defined value “apple” in the ad setup and your website URL contains keyword as “applepie” or “pineapple” then the ad will serve since keyword “apple” is present in both “applepie” as well as “pineapple”.

Limitation of URL Pattern Targeting

  • Does not support IFrame Tags.
  • zpageurl key URL limit is set to maximum 40 characters.

If you do not see the URL key for your account and would like to use it, contact your Account Manager for details.

Contact Support with Queries and Suggestions

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