Using Non-Standard Ad Dimensions:

ZEDO’s system comes “pre-loaded” with the 16 most common ad dimensions. You can also create up to 16 custom dimensions.

Steps to create a Custom Dimension:

  • Click on the ad dimension option under the channel tab.

  • After clicking on it you should be able to see an eye symbol next to the ad dimension.
  • Click on the Eye symbol and it will display a drop-down menu which will have an option called “Show ALL”

  • Click on show all option and you will be able to see all the unassigned dimensions present in your account.
  • Click on any “UNASSIGNED” ad dimension
  • Rename it.
    • See below for best naming practices
  • Enter the dimensions.
  • Submit the dimension.
  • On the Ad Dimensions page, select the ‘Enabled’ checkbox for the new dimension.
  • Click Submit.

Best Practices

  • Use descriptive, unique names, especially for multiple records with the same dimensions
    • Example:
      • “728 x 90” – value
      • “728 x 90 (Top Leaderboard)” – useful and descriptive
    • Be sure to distribute and place the correct ad tag, corresponding to the correct ad dimension record.

Once enabled, the custom dimension will appear in any Ad Dimension dropdown menus.

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