There are quite a few ways to find information quickly and easily in the ZEDO user interface.

Find what you’re looking for

Global search

You can use Global Search to find and access specific Advertisers, Ads, Campaigns and Channels from any page of the UI. The Global Search box is at the top right of the screen. As you type, results are displayed in a drop down. Pertinent results are listed by category (Advertiser, Campaign, etc.) You can click directly on a result to be taken to the details of that result.

Dashboards and lists

Search fields in Dashboards and lists allow you to enter all or part of  a name so you don’t have to scroll through a long list to find what you need.

  • Advertiser dashboard (Advertiser tab)
  • Channel dashboard (Channels tab)
  • View/ Manage Activities (Profiles tab)
  • View Advertisers (Advertiser tab)

Ad Search

Ad Search lets you see high level information about specific ads: basic details as well as which channels it’s targeted to and its level and weight. You can search for specific Campaigns.

You can access Ad Search by clicking the Search link in the Campaigns tab. You can search for either ads or campaigns by setting search parameters, including: Run/end date, Advertiser, Campaign, Channel, Activity, Ad dimension, Ad type, Status and Geographic location.

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