If two ads are premium and at different levels, our ad serving algorithm does the following:

  • It gives you the estimate of the total Impressions available for that day on a particular Channel for a specific ad dimension. Let’s assume this is 10 million impressions.
  • Look at the premium ad at the highest level. If this is less than 10 million impressions, say 4 million impressions for the day, it will ensure that 4 million impressions are served by the ASAP option.
  • It then aims to serve the 4 million impressions ASAP.
  • The algorithm does ASAP delivery irrespective of whether all 4 million impressions are served by 1 am or 8 am.
  • ASAP delivery means the impressions will be served as soon as possible. It will NOT spread the impressions evenly across the day.
  • The ASAP delivery option is useful when an advertiser wants to meet his goal (serve total impressions), irrespective of whether it is met in a day or across the length of the campaign.
  • A user can switch delivery type from ASAP to Speedy, ASAP to Even and vice versa.

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