If two ads are both premium and at different levels, our ad serving algorithm does the following:

1. Estimate total impressions available that day on the particular channel for specific dimension. Let’s say this was 10m

2. Look at the premium ad at the highest level. If this is less than 10m, say 4m for the day, it will ensure that 4m will be served by the end of the day

3. It then aims to serve the 4m impressions approximately evenly across the day and across each hour.

The algorithm does front load delivery but also ensures that all 4m are not served by say 1am or 8am. This is because complete delivery by 8am tends to upset advertisers.

Note: For Exclusive Ads all available impressions will be taken even if this means the ad meets its goal by 12:30am. Also, the Even Delivery campaign setting refers only to keeping impressions per day even for the length of the campaign.

It doesn’t have input to delivery across the day.

A user can switch delivery type from Speedy to Even, Speedy to ASAP and vice versa.

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