What is ZEDO Exchange?

ZEDO Exchange is designed to make sure that all publishers who use ZEDO for ad serving get a fair value for their inventory*.

This is one reason we don’t use a RevShare or CPC model, instead offering our Publishers a flat CPM.

ZEDO Exchange only picks up inventory if we can meet the agreed CPM.

*ZEDO Exchange can monetize 160×600, 300×250, and 728×90 inventory.

Who Can Join? 

Any publisher who is using ZEDO for ad serving.

Opting In

Click the Join ZEDO Exchange button in your ZEDO account or email zanops@zedo.com.

Integration and Trafficking Tags

Thanks to ZEDO’s smart, back-end linking process, integrating with ZEDO Exchange is simple: Publishers won’t have to spend time trafficking tags or tracking campaigns. Everything is done automatically.


Reporting for ZEDO Exchange is readily available right inside the Publisher’s existing ZEDO account. ZEDO Exchange data will be displayed in the Performance and Profit reports.


Pricing varies. The ZEDO Exchange team will suggest a fixed CPM rate based on your inventory. There is no additional rev-share added – you’ll get the full amount.

Rates also vary by geography:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • UK & Australia
  • Rest of the World

Contact zanops@zedo.com with additional questions.

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